Monday, January 28, 2008

Jinxed: The Fate Of My Belongings?

I dont know whats with my hands but they seem to be jinxed. Let me give you an idea why I got this suspicion. When I was still a grader my parents used to give me and my brother toys as Christmas presents. They've given us toy cars, toy guns, toy trains, and some other toys that I cant remember anymore. What I can remember though is that my parents used to tell us to take good care of the toys. But no matter how careful we were, the toys just cant help but get broken.

I was in 3rd year college when I bought my first cellular phone. It was a refurbished Nokia 5110. Unlimited text and call were still a thing of the future during those days so the phone's use for me, who didn't have a textmate, was just to send or receive not more than 10 messages and some "drop" calls. I got really pissed when the poor phone's LCD started to malfunction.

After months of using the 5110, I bought my classmate's Nokia 3510. I must say I was able to take advantage of Globe's GPRS service, which was still on testing phase that time, to the fullest capacity of my phone. Then one day I accidentally dropped my phone in our lab's floor. It was not a hard fall though but it damaged the phone's firmware which cost me seven hundred bucks for the phone to be useful again.

I was on my way to the office then when my Nokia 3510 was stolen. And after more than a month of not owning a cellphone I bought a Sony Ericsson T230. It was my 1st colored cellphone. I was a Sun Cellular subscriber then and I really had used the phone to its maximum capacity. I enjoyed hours of calls and texting using that phone. And as fate would have it... I accidentally dropped the phone. The impact damaged the phone's LCD making its display marked with lots of lines. The poor damaged phone served me for almost two years before I replaced it.

My Sony Ericsson K800i wasn't able to escape the trend. I bought it in December 2006 but three months after, it fell on the floor. The camera module was damaged and it cost me 5400 pesos to got it fixed. "I should have bought that phone from an authorized dealer", that's what I said to myself when I had it repaired at Semicon.

And just this morning my precious laptop passed through the same path as my previous belongings did. I left it open last night and when I woke earlier today, its already off and I cant turn it on anymore. Good thing though is that I dont have to pay anything coz its still covered by the warranty.

Is this fate's way of joking or am I just jinxed? Please give me an idea.